The Ultimate Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Baby Walkers

The Ultimate Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Baby Walkers

It is easy for new parents to feel overwhelmed by how quickly their infant can turn into an active toddler within a short span of time. Once your baby is mobile, there are fewer options to keep your child active and independent. With each passing day, your child begins to gain strength and uses it to move around the place.

The key is to keep your child engaged and safe while she learns to stand on her own and begins to take baby steps.  Baby walkers have provided parents a way to give their little ones a fun and safe way to start walking on their own. 

Little Boy Trying To Stand

Some parents have reported negative experience with baby walkers due to a small percentage of baby walkers that were poorly designed or made out of toxic materials.  However, there are several reputed brands proudly that manufacture safe and reliable baby walkers.

Not only are these walkers made out of non-toxic materials, but the baby walkers and highchairs are also designed to provide ultimate comfort and 100% security to your growing children. An advanced baby walker is a great source of entertainment for your little ones that also helps them walk safely.

In this buying guide, we aim to highlight all the important aspects of purchasing the best baby walker for your little boy or girl. There are plenty of features you must consider before choosing a product for your needs.

Best Baby Walkers

We recommend a few of the walkers that are manufactured out of safe materials and are incredibly popular among today’s parents.

Winner: Joovy Spoon Walker

The Joovy Spoon Walker emerges as our proud winner since it has scored great reviews from both critics and users. The product boasts a sleek and functional design. Parents are happy to benefit from this attractive model since it offers complete relaxation to a hyperactive child who loves to move around the house. Product features:

  • Large tray with removable and washable insert
  • Wide base for maximum safety
  • Comfortable, machine washable and supportive seat pad 
  • plus-circle
    Non-slip stair pads and oversized wheels
  • plus-circle
    Three height positions
  • plus-circle
    Foldable design for easy storage and portability
  • plus-circle
    PVV, BPA, and Phthalate free

The Spoon has all the right features you seek in a high-quality baby walker. Not only does it offer entertainment and comfort, but it is also made of BPA-free and non-toxic materials so you never have to worry about the safety of your child.

When it's time for snacks and meals, the baby walker serves as a high chair since it features an extra large tray with a removable and dishwasher safe insert. Some parents like to use this large tray for holding heir baby's favorite toys when they are not feeding the kid.

The baby walker is designed to offer three different positions so users can easily adjust it for their desired height. This product is ideal for babies up to 30 pounds and up to 33.5 inches tall.



When you don't want to use the baby walker, simply fold it and store it easily. This is one of the reasons why the Joovy is such a great product - the incredible portability and storage capabilities. Another great thing about this impressive product is that it is JPMA certified. Hence, you get a safe model that is free from Phthalate, PVC, and BPA. 

The model’s base is wider than the top for shielding your baby’s fingers from getting pinched if it bumps against a hard surface. A padded and supportive seat guarantees a comfortable sitting posture.

The Spoon is easy to maintain and clean since the seat is easily removable for machine-washing. It is a top-rated baby walker than ensures complete safety thanks to its non-slip stair pads at the bottom of the walker. 

The Joovy Spoon Walker has garnered a fair share of positive reviews from thousands of customers on Interested buyers can get an incredible price since the baby walker is currently available for just around $86 on Amazon.

Runner-Up: Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker

The dotty Safety 1st Baby Walker encourages your child to walk without experiencing any injuries. This model is one of the best baby walkers that are currently available on the market and comes loaded with plenty of attractive features to keep your little one busy. Product features:

  • Multiple developmental activities
  • Flashlight
  • 12 captivating songs
  • plus-circle
    Impressive wide base for ultimate stability
  • plus-circle
    Crevice-free tray
  • plus-circle
    Machine washable padded seat

This product is designed to cater to babies up to 30 lbs and boasts premium quality sturdy wheels to run smoothly on bare floors and even carpets. Your child sits comfortably and unassisted as she learns to take her initial few steps.

This model features superior design and a high-quality construction to reduce movement on uneven surfaces. The model features a wide base for maximum stability to keep your baby occupied.

One of the most wonderful aspects of this contemporary baby walker is its impressive entertainment center that offers 12 remarkable songs, toys and flashing lights. The soft padded seat is safe for machine-washing, and the crevice-free activity tray adds more convenience to its functional design.



Users can easily adjust the height of the baby walker according to their preference as the model features three height positions. This great baby walker offers incredible support for your growing child. The product is manufactured in America and undergoes testing for quality and safety. Thanks to a foldable design, you can easily carry or store it when you are not using the baby walker.

Users and critics praise the baby walker for its multiple developmental activities. It features 12 amusing songs to delight the baby and enhance your child's auditory and visual senses. This model is great for engaging your child’s senses while being a fantastic accessory to help him/her walk.

The Ready-Set-Walk Walker has received an impressive number of positive reviews from hundreds of customers on You can save a little above $3 if you order it from as the baby walker is available for just around $42 with free shipping.

Alternative: Cosco Simple Steps Walker, Monster Shelley

Another highly recommended baby walker is the remarkable Cosco Simple Steps. This premium quality model features durable construction with easy cleaning and maintenance capabilities. Product features:

  • Attractive and fun toys for encouraging your child’s brain development
  • Dryer safe and machine washable seat pad
  • Dishwasher safe insert tray
  • plus-circle
    Designed to withstand weight up to 30 pounds
  • plus-circle
    Two height options for easy adjustment
  • plus-circle
    Convenient set-up

Users are happy to get a comfortable seat pad. You can also adjust the baby walker’s height with the help of two variants.

Although it does not have a foldable design, the usage and installation are fairly convenient. The product offers an attractive way to help your baby stand on its own. There are plenty of features and toys to hold his/her attention.

Parents are delighted with its additional features including candy-themed spinners and a donut teething ring. The frame of this model comprises of safe and tough plastic. The baby walker boasts a padded seat with a bright colored and machine washable fabric cover.



Customers who have invested in this baby walker consider it an affordable alternative that features good height adjustment capabilities. Thanks to its impressive dimensions and premium quality build, the model delivers excellent portability and storage features.

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly baby walker that comes with accessories, the monster-themed baby walker is a great option. With interactive toys and a teething ring to keep your baby busy, you help your child to develop his/her brain and guarantee a safe walking experience. 

Buyers love the fact that the price of this particular model is less as compared to other brands. Interested buyers can buy it from for just $39 with free returns.

Best Assisted Baby Walkers

Let's take a look on our top picks for this category:

Winner: Hape Wonder Push And Pull Toy

The Hape Push and Pull Toy is the best assisted baby walker you can purchase to provide safety and comfort to your growing child. Product features:

  • The toy comprises of premium wood from environmentally sourced forests
  • Colorful balls, five different activities, gears and moveable knobs
  • Perfect for developing fine motor skills
  • plus-circle
    High-quality rubber-trimmed setback wheels
  • plus-circle
    Made out of child safe materials with non-toxic finishes

The model boasts a striking design and premium quality materials to prepare your little one to take his/her initial steps. This eye-catching design features a tough base and comes with setback wheels.

Users praise the functional design of this walker that makes pushing and pulling a comfortable experience. The manufacturer behind this contemporary model is Hape, a manufacturer that is known for producing safe and high-quality products to ease parenting.

Since the walker has also earned the 2011 Parent's Choice Approved Award, you get nothing but a tough baby walker that benefits from unique design. If your little ones are ready to walk and roll, get this incredible walker that boasts rubber-trimmed wheels for easy movement. 



Other great features include gears, movable knobs, and space for your curious explorers to carry objects as they move around the place. Thanks to a handy storage base, there is enough space for your child's friends to have some fun together.

This wooden constructed walker is perfect for long-term use and guarantees 100% safety. This product promotes your young child to exercise and move around without experiencing any serious injuries.

The wheels are nonskid and perfect for moving along any surface without leaving ugly marks on the floor. Your toddler never gets stuck as he/she comfortably moves backward and forward without bending.

Customers love the Wonder Walker for its rubber rimmed wheels and convenient height. The product has received impressive reviews from hundreds of buyers on Order it today for just around $90 to gift a unique toy to your child.

Runner-Up: VTech Learning Walker

The Sit-to-Stand VTech Learning Walker is a treat for busy parents who want their toddlers to enjoy all sorts of activities and toys. The product features a removable play panel that offers plenty of entertainment to sitters and crawlers. Product features:

  • Interactive features
  • Removable toddler play
  • Perfect for developing a child’s fine motor skills
  • plus-circle
    Early learning center with five piano keys, light-up buttons, shape sorters and colorful spinning rollers
  • plus-circle
    Sturdy wheels for easy movement on hard and carpeted floors
  • plus-circle
    Runs on 2 AA batteries (included in the package)
  • plus-circle
    Over 70 sing-along songs, fun phrases, sound effects and music

One of the best features of the model is that the play panel can easily snap on and off so users can easily detach it from the walker. Your little ones also get a handle with this walker to move it around easily.

If you want your toddlers to benefit from multiple activities as they learn to walk, then the Vtech Learning Walker is the best baby walker to cater to the development needs of your child.

Your growing child gets to learn about animals, colors, shapes and so much more besides walking. Without a doubt, this creative baby walker provides endless fun for your baby. By investing in this model, you gift your child a toy to develop his/her cognitive abilities and not just a walking accessory.

vtech sit-to-stand learning walker


This fantastic walker comes with captivating sing-along songs for your child to enjoy. No matter if your little one is crawling, pushing or sitting up, there is plenty of entertainment to keep your child occupied. You also get a telephone handset, a small piano, light-up buttons, spinning rollers, shape sorters and a tree. The device requires 2 AA batteries to operate.

The V-Tech Learning Walker is a valuable addition to encouraging your child's brain development as he/she learns to walk. The model is perfect for all children from 6 months to 3 years. It is one of the most popular assisted baby walkers on and thousands of customers have purchased the fantastic product.

Interested buyers can buy used and new models that start from just around $24 on

How To Purchase The Best Baby Walker

All of the baby walkers and assisted baby walkers we have reviewed are designed for keeping in mind the safety of your children. Thanks to advancements in design and manufacturing processes, there are hundreds of safe and premium quality baby walkers for your toddlers.

A modern baby walker not just helps your child to walk but offers plenty of entertainment features to keep him/her entertained. However, we recommend that you invest in a safe baby walker that offers comfort, amusement and maximum protection for your children.

Here are a few factors to consider for buying the best baby walker for your child.

Sit-To-Stand Walker Vs. Seated Walker

We can classify all types of baby walkers into two main categories. There are many seated models and sit-to-stand baby walkers that come with additional features.

Parents can decide the best type of baby walker for their toddlers, depending on the needs, height, and weight of their child.

Weight And Size

All babies are different. Hence, there is no fixed height or size for a baby walker. Brands usually design all models with convenient adjustability features. This way they can easily choose the best height option for a smooth moving experience.

Baby Playing With Walker

Large-sized baby walkers can feature handy trays for toys and snacks. If you want your child to munch on his/her favorite cookies or keep his/her favorite toys on board, then choose a baby walker that comes with an easy to clean tray.

A light-weight design ensures easy storage and portability. However, make sure your chosen baby walker is safe with tough and non-skid wheels. 

Easy Storage

If you like to travel frequently, then a light-weight and compact baby walker serves best to keep your child occupied when you are away from home. You can go for a foldable design to save space and add portability to your baby walker.

Soft Padding

One of the most important parts of a baby walker is its padding. All children enjoy moving around in a baby walker that comes with a comfy padded seat. Buyers must ensure that the padding of a model provides good support and comfort to your growing child.

This factor is important since good padding takes care of any injuries to the spinal cord. A large number of best-rated baby walkers feature a comfortable seat with a plush fabric cover. Your baby's skin is delicate. Never settle for a baby walker or a high chair that uses rough and toxic materials that can irk your child's sensitive skin.

Anti-Skid Safety Pads

Most of today's top-rated baby walkers come with anti-skid safety pads. These pads ensure that the walker halts in case the baby is walking on a slippery surface. Thanks to anti-skid features, your child remains safe even if he/she is moving along an uneven surface. Double-check this feature before investing in a product.

Certified Models

If you are looking for a safe to use and certified baby walker for a sensitive toddler, it is a great idea to purchase models certified for safe use by JPMA and ASTM.

This way you can ensure that your selected baby walker comprises of non-toxic and safe materials that are Phthalate and BPA free. These walkers do not pose any risks to your developing child even if the baby chews on the walker’s material.


Most buyers overlook the quality of a baby walker’s wheels. In reality, good wheels don’t just ensure easy maneuverability but also add to the durability of a model. Check reviews and ratings to know if the model you are considering has tough and safe wheels. Some models also boast lockable wheels when you want to keep the baby stationary in one place.


Moreover, pay close attention to the size of the wheels.  Small wheels can be tough to maneuver over uneven surfaces and carpets whereas larger wheels help the baby to ride over all surfaces without difficulty.

Entertainment Center

It is hard to imagine a baby walker that keeps your child occupied without an entertainment unit. Almost all advanced baby walkers feature plenty of amusement to entertain your child as he/she learns to walk.

Check for models that come with vibration, sounds, and lights to make the whole experience highly enjoyable. Some entertainment consoles are detachable so users can easily store and carry a baby walker.

More Tips

Here are some other important tips that are useful when purchasing the best baby walker:

  • Choose a foldable design or a light-weight baby walker if you are short on space
  • play
    If you don’t have a highchair, many baby walkers easily transform into a stationary activity center or high chair so you can easily feed your child
  • Don’t purchase a baby walker for infants who aren’t yet capable of supporting their heads
  • play
    Choose models that are approved by ASTM or JPMA if your children are prone to allergies
  • Some children may not like noisy baby walkers. Make sure your selected model features volume controls to increase or decrease the noise level


The idea of purchasing a baby walker is to provide good support to your growing baby who is learning to walk. There are hundreds of models that come with a feeding tray, play station, and sturdy wheels.

Investing in a good baby walker provides your child with an entertaining accessory to allow him/her to walk safely. Your child can eat, play and have fun while moving around safely.

Baby On Baby Walker

A safe baby walker with engaging and colorful toys is a proven way to stimulate the mental growth of a child. Not only does it enhance the cognitive patterns of your developing baby but also offers a safe way to help him/her to walk. 

Always purchase a well-constructed walker to keep your child happy. Moreover, massaging your baby’s back and legs is also essential for keeping the child safe and comfortable.

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